Set in Stone

  • $8.00

Set In Stone is a toner & setting spray that will leave your skin feeling fresh with a little bit of sparkle. It can also be used as a toner and sprayed onto a brush to increase pigmentation and wear time of powder products. Set in Stone works exceptionally well with Cosmic Dust, giving it a more pigmented and intense look.
Some uses of Set In Stone
Use at night time after your shower as a facial toner.
Use after applying your makeup to lock it in place.
Use anytime during the day to refresh your makeup.
Set In Stone contains ingredients that are basically essential in skin care.
Aloe- Soothing to skin, used to treat acne, burns, aging and lightening stretch marks.
Witch Hazel- Used to treat acne, reduce puffy skin, remove impurities, and heal facial bruising and cuts.
Grapefruit Seed Oil- Said to help rosacea.
Glycerine- Used to treat blackheads, acne, dry skin, wrinkles, and dark skin spots.

Shake well before use to mix up the sparkles!
Hold 8-12 inches from face and spray as needed.
This is a 1 oz. bottle.