Polished Pores

Polished Pores

  • $8.00

Polished Pores is a clay face mask that contains ingredients that are extremely beneficial to skin:

Aloe: Proven to reduce acne, redness, and scars. Soothes skin.

Jojoba Oil- Moisturizes, makeup remover, removes wrinkles, and fights harmful bacteria that causes breakouts.

Himalayan Sea Salt- Natural exfoliant.

Charcoal- Draws impurities, chemicals, oils and dirt out.

Polished Pores can be applied with clean fingertips or a face brush. The product will go on a dark gray color, and turns light gray when it needs to be rinsed off. To rinse off use warm water and a facial towel.

Polished Pores comes in a 1 ounce jar. Keep refridgerated for max shelf life.