Life for Brittany

I had the pleasure of Brittany and becoming good friends with her. 

Brittany has numerous chronic illness'. Living with a chronic illness myself, although not as near severe, I understood her. 

Brittany has received multiple diagnoses for her symptoms, but somethings have been written off as "unable to diagnose".

Auto-immune diseases are one of the most complicated things to live with.

They are also one of the most costly diseases. 

Brittanys medical bills are piling up, being a 24 year old girl that lives alone with her service animals, it's hard to afford. She has many medical expenses. 

Brittany can't eat normal food, she has a special diet, as you can imagine, that's not cheap.

In the time I've known Brittany I have never seen her ask for help, and she never will. Brittany is so independent, she also has no idea That I am posting this. 

I am asking anyone that reads this to please click the link below to help Brittany. Times are hard, if you can not donate, please share the link on your social media. 

Thank you to Moriah Richards for creating the Go Fund Me.

We love you, Brittany!